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Peru Travel Blog

cusco private tours
Whether just stopping by on your way to Machu Picchu or settling in for a few weeks before continuing your travels, Cusco has enough attractions to keep you occupied for days on end. Described below are 10 of the most interesting things you can do in your free time here. 1. Saqsaywaman  A quick glance around the Plaza de Armas will direct your eyes towards the rolling hills to the...
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lima private tours
The best way to describe Parque Kennedy is standing out that over the years has become a symbol and a representation of how Lima presents itself. At the center of Lima’s Miraflores district, you will find what has become the unofficial main square of Lima, curiously named after an American President. The park is also a meeting point for locals and visitors, and modern Lima forefront. Easy to find everything...
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private humantay lake tour
Peru is a diverse country with countless natural attractions that are enjoyed by millions of tourists every year. While most travelers set their sights on reaching Machu Picchu, there are many other hidden gems in the Andes that are overlooked by many. Tucked away along the Salkantay Trek, this glacial lagoon is surrounded by amazing views of snow topped mountains and rolling valleys that will give you a glimpse into...
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chonta condors viewpoint
Peru is now one of the best places to collecting moments and memorable experiences.  In this magical and diversify country you are able to see so many different places, cultures, styles, colors, smells, people and so on. The Andean condor is typically found in the mountainous regions of the Andes. It may also be found near the coast sometimes, and occasionally in deserts. In South America it can be found in Venezuela, Colombia,...
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The History Behind the Most Delicious Peruvian Dishes
Lima has become the gastronomic capital of South America, earning rightfully this tittle these last few years. Peru has been blessed by having 32 micro climates due to its many types of regions where the outstanding are the coast, highlands and amazon; geographically and cultural the differences between these three are thick, but these same differences allowed the gastronomy to flourish as it got mixed and improved over the years....
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