Peru & Bolivia Private Escapade – 14 Days

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If looking for the most complete journey between Peru and Bolivia, then you cannot miss on this amazing adventure that will take to best of each country including Machu Picchu and Uyuni Salt Flats.
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We have a expert team of travel specialists, who have all turned their passion for travel into a vocation. Between them, they have visited nearly every corner of Peru and Bolivia.


We curate tailor-made, truly individual travel experiences for our clients. View Latin America approach leaves our travellers with unforgettable memories.


At every stage of your holiday, from inception to conclusion, a View Latin America hand will be there to guide you.


View Latin America is the Operator of all your experiences in Peru and Bolivia, This ensures a seamless holiday experience.


On your arrival, a View Latin America representative will warmly welcome you into the city of kings: Lima, then you will be transfer to your hotel.
On the way and along with your representative you will review your amazing program of the following days and all the questions you may have will be answered. The rest of the day will be yours to explore of the city at your leisure.

By the evening, you will be taken to make a taste of the delicious dinning in Lima to an exclusive restaurant. When you finished you will be transfer back to your hotel to rest for the adventures ahead.


Today you will get a half day private city tour of sprawling capital city. Lima has definitely a stark contrast between the modern and colonial sites.

This tour will challenge the expectations you may have about this bustling, fast-paced city which its colonial side was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. First, visit the colonial center featuring the Cathedral, the Main Square, and the famous Catacombs in the San Francisco Covent. Your English-speaking private guide will share with you the deep history of the city and the place it takes in Peru nowadays.
You will continue on to visit the residential and high-end neighborhoods of Miraflores and San Isidro where you will see Lima at its most elegant face.

After learning and understanding more of the capital, you will be taken to your hotel to enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.


Our day must start bright and early, when you have finished breakfast at your hotel you will be taken to Paracas, a 3-hour drive from Lima located in the south and it is also part of the pacific coast of Peru. On our arrival we will begin our visit to the Ballestas Islands the allowed portions that the National Reserve allow us to visit in a share boat ride.
Witness the amazing natural habitat of many marine birds such as penguins, pelicans and plenty more. Also pass by the famous “candelabro” geoglyph, a huge design carved in the sand hills, while on the shore sea lions lay enjoying of sunbaths, an amazing and marvelous view.

Afterwards, to crown this adventure we will go through amazing cliffs, a red sand beach and never ending dunes. Once we have finished our visit you will be taken to your hotel to enjoy of the sea views and be refresh by the breeze, where the rest of the day is yours to perhaps walk by the beach or indulge yourself in some spa treatments at your hotel. By the evening an exquisite dinner will be served at your hotel restaurant.


Take please on a relaxing morning, at the most convenient time you will be picked to begin with today’s adventure where you will be overflying the mysterious Nazca lines. Even though there are plenty of theories about the creation and reason to be of these lines, these massive figures had been engraved in the dessert about 2000 years and they have remained a mystery even now.

During this amazing experience your guide will provide more information about all these theories and the undergoing studies of these fascinating lines.
When the overfly has finished we must head back to Lima for you enjoy of your last night in the city of kings.

Note: To avoid long distances you may ask to overfly the Nazca Lines from Paracas airport for an extra cost.


Upon your arrival to Cusco, you will be greeted at the airport by your guide. Together, the adventure begins as we take you to the Sacred Valley, which else being extremely beautiful has a lower altitude than Cusco city.

As soon as we head to Pisac you will encounter a colorful and cheerful market that lays in the middle of the town.
This market is famous as the locals bring different products with vibrant colors and materials such as wool, alpaca, blankets, besides delicate jewelry and carved gourds; this is the perfect opportunity to purchase some souvenirs. Also you will visit the ruins that holds the same name as the town and your guide will give you a deeper explanation on the history and used of the place. Later, you will be delighted by your exquisite lunch prepared out of local products that had been cultivated in the Sacred Valley. Once you have finish lunch another impressive site await us. The fortress of Ollantaytambo, with its beautiful terraces stands, once again our knowledgeable guide will explain the secrets and theories behind the massive structure and cobblestone paths.

By the evening, you will be taken to enjoy a delicious dinner, afterwards the rest of the evening is yours to perhaps indulge in some restorative massages or just explore the city on your own.


Finally, the most expected day has come. After you have finished breakfast you will be taken to Ollantaytambo train station, for you to board an exclusive wagon that will take you through the Sacred Valley and then head towards the humid forest that is Aguas Calientes.

Once you arrived, you will have to take the bus that leads to Machu Picchu entrance, also where your guide will be waiting for you to start this amazing adventure together, please note that the lines must be longer than expected but keep in mind that the rewards is certainly worth it.

Enjoy and make the most of this 2 hours guided tour and immerse on the Incas culture and incredible theories behind this amazing citadel and World Wonder. After your visit you have the chance to take on a short hike toward Huayna Picchu Mountain to access more panoramic views, further more you can also opt to hike the Machu Picchu mountain that offers a more peaceful and less crowded walk.
Please consider that this hikes are unguided and have an extra coast, if you would like to include this please consult with your travel specialist a this must be booked far in advanced. By the early afternoon, a delightful buffet lunch will be awaiting you at Sanctuary Lodge, indulge yourself to taste the dishes on display. When you finished lunch, we will return down to Aguas Calientes town, for you to board with tranquility your train back to Cusco.

On your arrival, our View Latin America representative will be ready to transfer you at your hotel for you to rest after a long but rewarding day.


Today once you have enjoyed breakfast, your guide will greet you and together start your walk through the cobblestone Cusco streets.

Firstly, you will visit the Main Square where your well informed guide share with you details on the history and architecture of the beautiful Cathedral and more. Then you will move to Regocijo Square and San Francisco Convent while you learn how the city of Cusco has developed over the years
Our next stop then will be cheerful San Pedro Market, once there you will be shown around the variety of products that reside in the different stalls, surely your guide will provide more insight on the products that are offered here and you can also take on the opportunity to purchase some souvenirs for your loved ones’ back home. By the evening, following our program we will escort you for a special Bar Crawl, this includes you visiting 3 of the most famous restaurants in Cusco, where you will learn the history, types and everything is to know about of Pisco. This adventure will start in our first restaurant Pachapapa and after you have taste some Pisco cocktails we will move towards Kion an Asian Peruvian restaurants to taste more drinks based on Pisco as well and finally to close the night you will be visiting Calle del Medio to taste on last Pisco drink accompanied by snacks and a splendid farewell dinner, as is your last evening in the magical city of Cusco. Cheers!


After you were delighted by breakfast, a representative will be taking you in a short ride to the train station in order for you to board your Luxurious wagon to Puno. A fascinating ride that will amazed from the start as you go through the Altiplano a vast high plateau that covers territory over part of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. Do not miss on the opportunity witnessing firsthand beautiful, wild llamas and alpacas living in their natural habitat. The train will make a stop on La Raya (4319masl) the highest point of all the route, take as many pictures as you wish of this stunning scenery. Upon your arrival to Puno, you will be greeted by a View Latin America representative to be taken to your hotel to relax for the rest of the evening.
Note: Please take into consideration that the train to Puno only runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday – if your itinerary does not match these days then you must have to take a private transportation or fly to Juliaca airport, please consult the best alternative with your travel specialist.


The day starts bright and early today, as we will pick you up after you have enjoyed your delicious breakfast to take you to the port for you to start with a complete tour in the Titicaca Lake.

The lake is absolutely famous since is the highest navigable in the world, besides it has an incredible importance for the communities since pre Columbian times and there is a legend that suggests that the Inca empire was first funded at the Titicaca Lake.
Our first stop, the Uros island, a peculiar community that in order to avoid conflicts with other villages along the shores decided to move into the lake. The Uros build their own floating islands which are made purely of Totora reeds, and they are only between of 30 to 40cm thick. The members will welcome you into the islands and explain you more about their lifestyle and how they create their houses and reed boats. Our next stop will be Taquile island, upon our arrival we will be greet by the locals who will be dress with their pretty and traditional costumes and then you will be shown around the village.

Afterward, a delicious lunch will be waiting for you, made by the locals with products grown in the area. Also you will have the opportunity to witness how skilled weavers they are, and see their beautiful work. When the afternoon arrives, it is time to return back to the port and then you will be transfer to your hotel and rest for your next adventure.

DAY 10

Today we must cross the frontier borders between Peru and Bolivia, after you have finish breakfast you will be taken to Copacabana, a peculiar town laying at the shores of Titicaca Lake on the Bolivian side. As we make our way we will encounter beautiful landscapes of the Altiplano plateau. Once we arrived to Copacabana we will visit its famous church that holds the same name, and it is also the shelter of a miraculous virgin that in fact receive many Catholics pilgrims all year.
After that we will move to Yampupata to hop on a private boat that will take us to the stunning Sun Island where the first Inca was supposed to be born.

Later on, the visit must come to an end and we must return to Copacabana to continue with our program and head to La Paz.

DAY 11

Today, after having your delicious breakfast it is time to visit La Paz a bustling and busy city. Our visit with take us to the peculiar and famous Witch Market, where you will be able to see many locals offering natural products such as ointments, remedies and much more. To continue with Plaza Murillo located in the center of the city to pass by The Cathedral, Government Palace, and National Congress buildings.
Then we will wonder through the street with colonial style Jaen, there you can find a few museums. Later we will move to one of Tiwanaku temples which is semi-subterranean, as we also start our transition toward modern La Paz to visit the residential district of Obrajes, Calacoto, and La Florida.

Finally, we will visit the Moon Valley, a group of unique monoliths, a rock formation that was the result of wind causing erosion in the mountains for centuries and that now has a strange and dramatic look.

After the tour has been accomplished, you will have the rest of the afternoon to explore La Paz at your leisure.

DAY 12

To continue with our wonderful program, you must rise early today and then you will be transfer to the airport to board on your flight to Uyuni. On your arrival a representative will be waiting for you to being with your amazing adventure. The Uyuni Salt Flats are worldwide famous, since they are the biggest salt flats in the world they cover around 11,000 square kilometers. During our visit our first stop will be the train cemetery which was abandoned in 1940’s after the mining collapse in the area. Then we will move toward Colchani a tiny town where the locals sell their own salt craft products, the perfect spot to purchase some souvenirs if you wish. From there, we will finally get into the salt flats, the perfect sight for fantastic photos. We will head toward the north side to see the Tunupa Volcano and to observe the mummies that surrounded and lay at the skirts. After that we will hike up the hill until we reach our first lookout point and witness a panoramic and endless view of the Salt Lake and the volcano. We must later return to Coqueza village to visit a curious museum that is home for stone animals called Chantani.
For the rest of the day you will have endless opportunities to enjoy taking the funniest pictures and also watch the stunning sunset. Afterward, you will be transfer to your accommodation to spend the night.

Notes: It will not be possible to accomplish this program during the rainy season since the Salt Flat is flooded with water and you cannot reach the Tunupa Volcano or visit Incawasi Island. If you will be travelling during this season, please consult with your travel specialist about the program variation for these 2 days.

DAY 13

After an early wake, you will be picked up to watch the sunrise over the whitening Salt Flats and then we will head back for you to warm up with breakfast.

After watching many sights on the way, we will visit the salt pyramids and the well-known first salt hotel.
Then we will continue to the Incawasi island, where you will enjoy of a short hike of 45 min… the views from the top are simply breathtaking. By the afternoon we must return to Uyuni, you will be transfer to take domestic flight back to La Paz. Once there a representative will be waiting for you to transfer you to your hotel.

Notes: In order to achieve this itinerary, you should take flight Amaszonas 309 back to La Paz. If you prefer that we arrange the domestic flights for Bolivia portion, please consult with your travel specialist in order to have an accurate quote.

DAY 14

After you have enjoyed your last breakfast, a View Latin America representative will take you to La Paz airport at the most opportune time and also according to your schedule for you to board your return flight home.






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